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brazilian butt liftThe Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL, as its name suggests, is a buttocks augmentation cosmetic surgical procedure that can help shape your buttocks, so they may look more perky, round and youthful.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is probably the most effective and natural way to enhance the appearance of your buttocks because it will involve the use of your own fat.

Whether your buttocks are flat or sagging, the Brazilian Butt Lift can help you achieve the desired shape you want for your buttocks, making your entire body profile looks sensual.

As mentioned, your cosmetic surgeon will extract the most viable fat possible from your body through liposuction. The cosmetic surgeon will then refine the fat that has been extracted and will proceed to inject the fat into the upper portion of your buttocks.

This will fill and lift your buttocks, augmenting their appearance and making them look perky. The enhanced, perky and prominent look of your buttocks will add to the attractiveness of your overall body profile.

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