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Breast AugmentationBreast augmentation is cosmetic surgical procedure that can help you enhance the shape and size of your breasts in order to make them look bigger and fuller.

You may also undergo breast augmentation if you are a breast cancer survivor and have undergone mastectomy.

Breast augmentation is achieved either through fat transfer or through the insertion of implants, which is more common.

During breast augmentation, your cosmetic surgeon will make incisions around your nipples, and under your armpits and breasts.

Your cosmetic surgeon will place each implant through the incisions, into a pocket under either your breast tissue or your chest muscle.

If your breasts are drooping or sagging, your cosmetic surgeon may also recommend that you undergo a breast lift or mastopexy along with breast augmentation.

It will likely take your cosmetic surgeon anywhere from one to hours to complete only the breast augmentation procedure.

Ultimately, undergoing breast augmentation will enhance the shape and increase the size of your breasts, make them look fuller, larger, perky and symmetrical.

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