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A breast lift or mastopexy is a cosmetic surgical procedure can restore the contours of your breasts if they are droopy or saggy, so that they look perky and youthful again.

If you place a pen under your breasts and it does not fall down, then you may certainly consider undergoing a breast lift.

Often a breast lift is also performed along with breast augmentation.

The breast lift procedure will involve the removal extra skin from your breasts and reshaping of the underlying tissue, which helps lift it up to a higher position so that the drooping or sagging is eliminated.

Your areolae and nipples will also be lift up to a higher position on your breasts.

A breast lift can also be achieved through implants.

If you undergo breast augmentation along with a breast lift, your cosmetic surgeon will also be able to enhance the shape and size of your breasts too.

Undergoing a breast lift will improve your overall figure since your breast will become firmer, perkier and tauter.

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