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cheek liftA cheek lift or a mid-face lift, that can help make your cheeks and surrounding areas appear smooth and youthful again if they have become saggy due to aging, which diminishes the elasticity and tone of skin.

While you may undergo a traditional facelift, it is not capable of fully treating the cheeks and lower eyelid areas. Following a cheek lift, you will look refreshed and youthful.

When performing a cheek lift, your cosmetic surgeon will make deep yet small incisions around your ear and hairline in your facial muscle tissues in order to elevate your sagging cheek tissue, which is known as the malar fat pad.

In order to alter the fat and muscle tissue under your cheeks and lower eyelids, your plastic surgeon will likely insert a small, camera-like device called an endoscope through each incision.

Once your cosmetic surgeon pulls up the middle of your face, your skin will become smoother and tighter.

The results of a cheek lift are almost immediate and this procedure can dramatically improve your appearance.

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