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A chin implant is the implant that a cosmetic surgeon uses during chin augmentation, which is a surgical procedure that can help improve your facial features and the shape of your chin.

If you have noticed that your chin is underdeveloped, then you should consider getting a chin implant.

Your facial aesthetics, balance and symmetry inherently depends on the shape of your chin because of its close relationship with and the prominent role it plays in plays in your profile.

A chin implant is made materials like GORE-TEX or silicone and your cosmetic will insert it into a pocket or small incision made over the front of your jawbone.

Your cosmetic surgeon will place the implant either along your lower lip inside your mouth or under your chin area in the skin there.

The chin implant will not enhance and improve your facial contours, but will also strengthen your jaw line, while maintaining a natural look.

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