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Fat TransferFat transfer, which is known by several different names like fat grafting, lipgrafting and microlipinjection, is a cosmetic noninvasive body rejuvenation procedure.

Along with naturally rejuvenating specific areas of your body using fat from other areas, fat transfer can also help reshape those areas and add more volume to them. Areas of your body that fat transfer can help rejuvenate include your breasts, buttocks, face and hands.

Your cosmetic surgeon will begin the fat transfer procedure by removing fat from areas of your body containing unwanted fat through Micro Liposuction so that the fat cells are not damaged.

Your cosmetic surgeon will then centrifuged or purify the undamaged fat cells and will proceed to inject them into the area of your body being treated.

Unlike synthetic dermal fillers, fat transfer is a economic and natural, long-term solution that will make the treated area of your body appear plumper, while your skin quality and texture will also improve.

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