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Fraxel laser is the FDA-approved innovative laser technology that is used during Fraxel laser resurfacing, a cosmetic, natural skin rejuvenation procedure.

If your facial skin is covered in irregularities or wrinkles, or is damaged or discolored due to aging or sun exposure, the Fraxel laser technology will precisely remove each layer so that new skin cells may form as your facial skin heals.

When you undergo Fraxel laser resurfacing, your skin will look smoother and younger, while its texture and tone will also be improved.

The laser activity that will occur during the procedure will target points beneath the epidermis, which are affected by damage, discoloration and irregularities, and will also encourage new collagen to be produced.

Consequently, new skin will develop as healing takes place, which will be healthier and more vibrant, while making you look youthful.

Unlike other resurfacing methods, healing after Fraxel laser resurfacing takes place quickly since only a small, specific area of your skin will be targeted.

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