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IPL is an acronym for Intense Pulsed Light, which is a technology used to perform a wide range of cosmetic procedures, most commonly fotofacial/photofacial and hair removal.

The fotofacial/photofacial procedure can help gently rejuvenate your skin and treatment skin problems like hyperpigmentation or sun damage.

If you have a blotchy, red skin, facial wrinkles and/or skin discolorations, IPL photorejuvenation is another dermatological cosmetic treatment involving that you may undergo, which can help you achieve a glowing complexion.

IPL fotofacial/photofacial and photorejuvenation can also cause your skin to become smoother and suppler by stimulating collagen production.

During IPL fotofacial/photofacial and/or photorejuvenation, your cosmetic surgeon will use a flash-lamp to transmit scattered wavelengths of light over your skin, which makes it far more targeted than laser treatments.

If you specifically happen to have coarser and darker hair, then you may also undergo IPL hair removal treatment, which will reduce hair growth over the area you wanted treated.

However, laser treatments are better-suited when it comes to hair removal.

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