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juvedermJUVEDERM is a dermal filler that was introduced this very year and the FDA approved it soon after.

Unlike dermal fillers containing collagen, JUVEDERM takes advantage of hyaluronic acid that is naturally present in bodily fluids like the aqueous humor, vitreous humor and synovial fluid.

However, the hyaluronic acid that JUVEDERM contains is created in a laboratory through biosynthesis, so you may get JUVERDERM injected without worrying about being allergic to it.

JUVEDERM will reduce your facial wrinkles more effectively than other dermal fillers and its results will also last longer.

JUVEDERM comes in the form of a syringe containing a smooth gel, which your cosmetic surgeon will inject into your crow’s feet, facial wrinkles, fine lines and any sunken areas on your face.

This way, the hyaluronic acid in your skin will be replenished, and moisture and nutrients will be delivered to your skin cells.

As a result, your skin will become smoother and suppler, while gaining volume too, which make you look youthful again.

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