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lip augmentationLip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that can help enhance your lips, whether through the use of dermal fillers or implants, so that they are fuller, plumper and sensual.

These days, lip augmentation is more commonly performed using dermal fillers and the most common dermal fillers in use today are the ones containing hyaluronic acid produced through biosynthesis.

A cosmetic surgeon will injected the dermal fillers around and in your mouth. While it is an effective option for lip augmentation, its results will be temporary.

If you wish to enhance your lips permanently, you should consider getting lip implants such as AlloDerm, GORE-TEX lip implants or Softform lip implants.

During lip implant surgery for lip augmentation; your cosmetic surgeon will make small incisions in the corners of your mouth and in your lips through which the implant will be inserted.

Once the implant has been inserted and placed properly, the results will be so natural that it will seem like your lips had always been fuller and plumper.

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