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Your skin color is a result of the amount of a melanin present in your skin, so if you are dark-skinned, it means that your skin more melanin than someone who is light-skinned.

Melanin is a pigment responsible for the color of not only your skin but also your eyes and hair. If you used to be light-skinned at some point in life, your present dark skin could be a result of hormones, skin damage and sunlight exposure, and one of the many cosmetic skin lightening treatment options could help you lighten your dark skin.

You may also undergo skin lightening for the treatment of skin problems like age spots, acne scars, discoloration, and/or freckles.

Skin lightning treatment options can be divided between two different categories, namely topical creams and laser treatments.

Topical skin lightening creams include ingredients like Azelaic Acid, Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid, Mercury, Niacinamide, Tretinoin and Vitamin C.

On the other, laser skin lightening treatment options include ablative laser treatment, cryosurgery and non-ablative laser treatment.

If you want lighter skin, you may even consider skin bleaching or taking skin lightening pills.

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