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Tattoo removal as its name suggests is a cosmetic procedure that can help you eliminate an unwanted tattoo through the use of a high-intensity laser light beam that breaks up the pigment colors of tattoo inks.

Although there are several other tattoo removal methods, but if you want better results that will be satisfying enough without costing too much, then laser tattoo removal is ideal for you.

Other tattoo removal options include Dermabrasion, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Surgical Excision, and at-home treatments like special creams and lotions that can minimize the visibility of a tattoo.

If your unwanted tattoo consists of both black and multi-colored tattoo inks, then you may have to undergo a special laser tattoo removal treatment like PicoSure.

The number of tattoo removal sessions that will be required to make your unwanted tattoo barely noticeable will depend on its color, size, type of ink that was used, and how old or recent your tattoo is.

Your cosmetic surgeon will recommend which tattoo removal method will be ideal for you.

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